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Straight Kitchen

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Buy Straight Modular Kitchen Online

A variety of modular kitchen designs is offered at Homestudio from which the homeowners can choose depending on their tastes. The design of your home has a major role in deciding the modular kitchen design. Buy straight modular kitchen online from Homestudio and customize it by adding new elements or ideas.  Straight modular kitchen offers cabinets and countertop only on one side. Only a single wall is used to create this design in your kitchen. Straight modular kitchen design is best suited for a small kitchen as it does not use much space in the kitchen.

Designs the Best Kitchen for Your Home

We have a dedicated and creative team of interior designers who are German-trained. These designers guarantee to provide the best creative kitchen design to the customers. The kitchen designed by our designers will look exactly the kitchen in your mind. We fulfill your dreams with high diligence and perfection. We create simple yet classy designs with seamless finishes that are timeless. Homestudio uses imported materials to make cabinets, and these cabinets can be assembled at your home by our trained installers to provide a fully functional kitchen. This not only gives you the flexibility of customizing your kitchen, but also allows you to enjoy a great amount of storage space.

Design your kitchen differently

The kitchen of every house reflects the tastes of the family members. Hence, even if you use the same design in different kitchens, they will look unique because of the difference in the kitchen layouts. That’s why; every kitchen is customized according to the layout of the kitchen. Homestudio offers elegant, attractive and hygienic designs to ensure durability and quality of the designs. Our easy installation techniques enable you to install the kitchen within a matter of few days. You can effectively manage the workspace with our classy, imported and branded kitchen design. Enjoy cooking in a seamlessly finished kitchen!!

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